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Storja u Kultura

Storja u Kultura

Coat of Arms


In virtue of Act XCV of 1993, instituting the Local Councils, Siggiewi and eight other localities in Malta were officially accorded city status. Thereafter, Siggiewi came to be considered a township under the nomenclature: Siggiewi – Città Ferdinand. The same act provided that the coat of arms of the newly created cities were henceforth to include a crown on top of the shield. It is well here to remark that in 1876 our co-citizen Prof. Nikola Zammit had designed a suit of coat of arms for the various towns and villages of the Island. The Siggiewi escutcheon displayed a silver field charged with a yellow cross between two horizontal red bands. Beneath the shield ran the motto:  Labore et Virtute – (By Work and by Valour).

In terms of the same Act that old version was modified to bring it in line with established heraldic rules. The altered version had a silver background traversed by one horizontal red band charged with a gold Greek cross.

In April 2001, after more than seven years, the Siggiewi Local Council decided to revert to the original emblem and, at present, the shield again shows the two red bands with the gold Cross in between. However, the cross now has a narrow red strip edging its four arms. The shield is surmounted by a crown in the form of a defensive wall topped with three crenulated watchtowers. The previous motto is omitted.

 Dawra Virtwali mas-Siggiewi


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